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Lirik Lagu Tvxq – Hug

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Just for one day I would like to be the bed in your room
oh baby
I want to hold you in my chest more warmly
I want to know you a little more
through your smallest whispers
I would even win against the monsters in your dreams

For days of my life you aren’t in,
how do I pass them by?
I am so curious
of how much you love me
I want to become a page
in the diary in your small drawer
To fill my feelings with
your unknown secrets

Just for one day I would like to be your kitten
oh baby
While staying in your soft bosom, enjoying the delicious milk you give
While I move around playing
I must have unknowingly felt jealousy inside your cute kisses

My feelings are like this,
something you cannot see on the outside
No matter who I look at or where I am,
you are the only one I see
Just for one day
I want to be your close lover
I would hear all your
boastings and complaints
For you

In my heart, in my soul
Although this love is still a bit clumsy,
it is everything in the world, I want to give it to you,
even if in my dreams

My feelings are like this,
and even if I can only watch
I am so thankful, I am very happy
Even if I come short a bit,
until whenever by your side
I want to be stay you lover
I want to freeze in time

with you held against my chest

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