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Lirik Lagu Suga – Nobody is perfect

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The meaning of life, a puzzle I can’t do…
That’s a reason I have had sleepless nights.
I couldn’t say anything to you.
Since I was afraid that you hate me.

Didn’t want to show you my weakness.
But that failure was always on my mind.
[I wanna be the one who never fails]
Only such a thing was my hope.

* I won’t care anymore if you’ll always sing a tender song for me.
I don’t need the answer now.
Today, let me go to sleep on your knees,
Tomorrow, I will think something new.

I was not going to give trouble to you.
But, on the contrary, I’ve done it.
Now I’m OK, thanks to you.
It was good that I could tell you all.

Didn’t want to show you my weakness.
But I can’t erease my failure.
[Hiding a true heart is just being a coward]
Oh it’s only what I have found.

* repeat

You said, “You don’t need to be perfect.
’cause nobody is perfect! and so we can live with helping each other…”

I won’t care anymore even though I’m imperfect forever.
Now I need nothing but you.
Today, let me go to sleep on your knees,
Tomorrow, It seems as if I can make it through, ’cause I’m with you

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