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Lirik Lagu Kevin Gates – What’s Understood

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True story

Saturday a few missed calls while the Tv on but I’m not watching
My brother reading car magazines really into cars like rim shopping
Obama just been re-elected who gives a fuck when the coke dry
Dope high getting less for shows gotta branch off into different markets
This means being cautious all types of people in large assortments
Erick on the phone and he calling me collect
For his motion for discovery and he ain’t even stressed
Witness was victim of a random act of violence
Nigga pulled up on the side of him and shot him in the neck
I’m a street gang project legend trap house live like we sell concession
GPS in foreign whips make It so I don’t even need directions
Found a line got activated pints of Actavis 600
Fuck a tour bus I might pull up I’m my white cl 600
With my front girl out of town who love me way before the money

You niggas insecure
I don’t even listen
What’s understood need not be explained if you really live it
Rolling round my hood they speaking like they rolling with me
What’s understood need not be explained if you really live it
My baby mamas keep it the realer then my fucking niggas
What’s understood need not be explained if you really live it
3 in the liter when I’m drinking that’s just how I sip it
What’s understood need not be explained if you really live it

Lucas Brasi

If I’m dead broke would you lend somethin
Thought id quit thuggin till my ribbs touchin
Up town dezzie he a 6 somethin
Like a pit up the four fifth fucking
My bitch ugly ol fine ass
Riding pass you know big stuntin
You could fuck around and get big stunting
Hand shakes fake lotta snakes here
Lions, tigers, and apes here
Rest in peace on a white tee
Play crazy make me put your face here
While you rest in peace I might be
With you girlfriend or your friend girl
Come visit her to smoke many L’s
Impressionable both simplistic ain’t no telling what the hell it is
Ain’t no telling what the hell I did
Say you fucked her
The hell I did
Spent some time in the cell I did
Question asked what the hell I did
Pray hard and talked to God
And picked the Bible up off and on
Fuck I don’t give
Brain up like switch
Have trouble turning it off and on

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